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Published August 3, 2019

If you are a father like me you are trying to get your kids to enjoy the games you enjoy. So here is an awesome list about the top NES Games for New gamers!

I’m talking like 2/3 year olds plus! This isn’t necessarily suppose to be the best games for NES.

This list is for kids that maybe can’t read at all or just starting and can still enjoy some NES for the first time!

#5 Sesame Street: 1-2-3

NES Games for New Gamers
Available on – (Amazon)

What better way to get the newest gamer probably in your household into the NES early. Teach them to count, look at shapes and hangout with the sesame street crew!

This isn’t an advanced or action packed game at all. It’s pretty basic but the NES is called NES hard for a reason so this is probably a good game to started.

Increase those kids motor skills and teach them a few things while you are at it!

#4 Fisher-Price: Firehouse Rescue

NES Games for kids

I mean what do you say about this game. It’s almost too perfect for kids as its made by the toy maker Fisher Price.

It’s a simple game that you can let them run around and rescue people out of burning buildings.

#3 Duck Hunt

Top 5 NES Games
Available on – (Amazon)

Controllers are hard.

I have an Idea…

Let’s give them a toy gun to shoot ducks out of the air! Sounds great right?

Pull the trigger and let those ducks drop down to the ground!

NES Duck Hunt Dog

Probably, should teach them to not try to shoot the dog… (It doesn’t work anyway).

#2 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (arcade game) “TMNT 2”

Turtles Arcade Game NES
Available on – (Amazon)

Let’s throw a great game into the mix.

It’s Turtles.

The game is great fun.

It’s not hard to grasp and doesn’t kill you in one hit. (Which is what we want. The Turtles 1 would be WAY too hard.)

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have always been a kid favorite anyways. Give them access to at least one of the best Turtles games ever made.

It might not be the true Arcade port but its still awesome.

NES Games for New Gamers
It’s Pizza Time

#1 Kirby’s Adventure

nes games best

Kirby’s Adventure is by far the number 1 pick for me. Kirby isn’t really a difficult game at all.

But, its pure fun adventure. If a kid can’t make a jump they can just puff Kirby up and float around!

My son grew up loving and playing this game. It was one game that wasn’t too difficult and he had tons of fun around the age of 3!

I highly recommend giving a young child this game to play around with.

easy nes games to beat

Fun, Bright Colors, and well its KIRBY!


I hope you’ve enjoyed my list of the best NES games for New Gamers! Add these to your library as soon as possible.

These are great way to introduce your young family members to the great library of the Nintendo Entertainment System!

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