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Published August 13, 2019
Super Mario RPG SNES Podcast

In This Podcast Smango is Joined by MonkeyFan (His Son Bentley).

Co-Host MonkeyFan loves Video games and is only 6 years old. He thinks Mario is the best Character of them all!

Super Mario RPG is a fun, but very long game so we where unable to complete it or even get close in 1 sitting.

We sill wanted to talk about it although as of this podcast never finished it.

Super Mario RPG Mallow
Mallow the Tadpole…?

Perhaps we can eventually revisit the game after more time has passed!


  • Super Mario RPG
  • The Nintendo Switch
  • MonkeyFan’s Favorite Mario Games
  • What Retro Console is MonkeyFans favorite?

Suggest The Next Game

If you are a fan of the podcast be sure to mention down below or @ me on twitter – @realkynerd and let me know what game you think we should play next!

I’d love to play some Hidden gems on some of the retro consoles with my son! Just let us know by leaving a comment!

Super Mario RPG SNES Mario
Itsa Me… Mario!

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Squaresoft the Grandfather of many awesome JRPGS on the golden console known as the SNES released another classic.

Super Mario RPG is a fantastic JRPG and I hope to finish it soon! I’ve always wanted to and now that I have the chance I believe I will. Now… finding the time to do so is really the issue!

Live Stream of Super Mario RPG

If anything Mario RPG has a great story, great graphics, and great gameplay. The combat keeps you engaged and keeps you from totally breezing through traditional RPGs at the time by smashing A.

I don’t really recommend it for a younger audience such as my son just yet. Maybe 10+ would be better suited for this game with all the reading comprehension that must happen

Be sure to check out the next episode soon!

The Retro 20
The Retro 20
Super Mario RPG (Legend of The Seven Stars) - SNES
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