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Published December 21, 2020

Sega Saturn Sonic R is one of the worst games I’ve ever had the pleasure of playing.

I hope you guys enjoy this small review of this horrific retro game.

As far as I know and have researched this is the only Sonic game really made for the Sega Saturn. You do of course have the Sonic Jam game which features a strange 3D world.

Sonic Jam really is just all the Genesis games packed onto a Saturn Disc. Complete with a terrible 3D Sonic game which is almost as bad as Sonic R but not quite.

I cannot believe they let a game like this game get released with Sonic characters and heroes throughout the franchise.

The Sonic R Review

If you haven’t figured out from the screenshots above the R stands for Racing. It should stand for Sonic Really Sucks because that’s about as polite as I can be at this game.

You don’t even race cars or karts… You race with characters well I guess there is one character that is a car. But, she is just as useless as all the other characters from my experience.

From the starting menu, you are tricked into you are playing a great game. It has an interesting menu screen and music which repeats Super Sonic Racing over and over.

The funniest thing about the demo that plays afterward though is that even the Computer Controlled Players can’t even take turns… Let’s move onto the controls.

Sonic R Controls

Unlike every other racing game in existence. Sonic R decides that it doesn’t want to you a button for you to go. Instead, you are required to put UP on the D-PAD to accelerate your characters.

Also, from as far as I know you can only jump with the other buttons on the Saturn Controller.

You can brake by hitting DOWN on the D-PAD. It’s almost useless though because it never really stops and before you know it. The second you are trying to take a curve your character on top of a weirdly shaped polygon mountain.

The best way I can describe trying to control anything on this game. It’s like comparing it to an 18 wheeler that goes super fast but on a solid sheet of ice. I cannot for the life of me understand why the controls are THIS bad but they are.

Sonic R Music

The music isn’t as bad as the controls in the game. But, its nothing to write home about. For whatever reason, some people might actually like this music. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them.

The main menu sonic is kind of catchy but other than that I hated them all.

If you for whatever reason love the soundtrack and can’t find the music to Sonic R on the Sega Saturn check out Zophar’s Music.

Graphics – Sega Saturn Sonic R

It should be pretty well known that the Saturn’s strong point isn’t doing 3D graphics. Given that the developers couldn’t even make their flagship IP Sonic the Hedgehog look decent in a terrible racing game. None of the graphics hold up well at all. Everything is super jagged, honestly, this is one of the worst versions of sonics I’ve ever seen. It barely looks like him.

Yes, he does look worse than the model on the latest Sonic the Hedgehog Movie. (Which they are going back and redesigning as of this post.)

Gameplay and Track Design

Good luck trying to figure out some of the tracks. They are some of the worst designed tracks I’ve ever tried to race on. You have no sense of direction at all. It’s GO FAST but takes a curve and you run into a mountain and good luck turning around.

By the time you figure out how to turn around, you’ve already lost the match. If you are lucky maybe the computer-controlled player ran into a wall too. This is because it’s humanly or even computer impossible to race around the track fast without crashing into a wall or bridge.

There was one stage I played on that I couldn’t even tell which way I was supposed to go. It’s really that confusing and looks that bad you cannot tell.

Apparently, I went so far off track, that I ran into a chaos emerald. I’m not sure what it does and at the point, I no longer cared.

Conclusion – (Review) Sonic R for Sega Saturn

Sega Saturn Sonic R is legit one of the worst and most un-fun games I’ve ever played. I would’ve lived a better life having not played it ever in my life.

The best thing that came out of this game was truly playing it and seeing how bad it was. It is so bad that it is funny and I was pretty hysterical trying to play the game.

This game is supposed to work on emulators if you want to give it a whirl. I highly suggest wasting your time on another game.

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