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Published October 26, 2019

I decided to make a dedicated retro gaming streams channel. The channel will be called Let’s Watch Retro. The Retro 20 was taken so I had to get creative.

Retro Gaming Streams
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So from here on how The Retro stuff will only be on Let’s Watch Retro twitch channel and of course the YouTube channel.

Retro Gaming Streams Live | Schedule

Right now there is no set schedule. For now, you will need to watch out for my main twitter to find out whenever I’m live. is my main account but there is also the Retro20Pod twitter which will also announce when I’m live.

If there ever is a solid streaming schedule I”ll be sure to update this post.

Games to be played

Retro Gamer Streamer

You can look for anything from the NES – Xbox 360 to be played on the channel.

I’d say if I were to pick a main console it would be the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

After I’ve completed more or got my feel of the SNES Library I’ll try to move on to other consoles.

Also, requests are nice! I try to play on original hardware!

Look for JRPGS, Rom Hacks and More as they are my favorite types to play.


I think a dedicated twitch streaming channel will be great. Might be able to grow! Of course, YouTube and the blog are the main focus but this will be a great way to collect footage.

I really hope to meet some other amazing retro gamers out there and we can create a nice community to grow with!

Be sure to join The Kingdom Discord so we can get to know each other and share stuff! I can’t wait to meet everyone!

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