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Published August 1, 2019

Pandora’s Box 4S Arcade MAME Machine Product Review

You’ve made it to a nice Pandora’s Box 4S Arcade MAME Machine review. I hope this review helps you if you decide if you’d want to add this to your game collection or if you are looking for a gift. I’ve put it through the test even playing multiplayer/co-op games. This thing does have almost any old school arcade game you would want to play.

Pandora’s box 4s installation

back of pandora 4s arcade

Why would one want to buy the Pandora’s Box 4S Arcade MAME Machine? That is a simple answer.

You want to play great Arcade Games without the hassle of setting up your own MAME machine.

This device does just that. Shipped with everything you need to simply plug into your modern tv and start playing.

There is no Setup, there is no programming. It works directly out of the box, they try to make it as simple as possible and they succeed.

All you need is quite literally a TV to play it on. That is it, You don’t even have to have sound, Pandora’s box comes with a built-in speaker.

Let’s discuss the Pandora’s Pros and Cons

Pandora’s Box 4S Arcade MAME Machine might be simple to set up but does it do everything you would want it too? Time to go into pros and cons of this device.


  1. Simple Setup
  2. Comes with everything you need, including a large HDMI cable so you can set it wherever you want.
  3. 2-Player enabled right out of the box.
  4. Tons of  Arcade Classic Games.
  5. Cool interface


  1. You cannot add any MAME ROMs of your own
  2. Contains mostly fighting games
  3. A lot of games duplicated or just different versions
  4. Not comfortable Playing 2-Player because of how close it is. I could play with my son though, another adult would be even more difficult.
  5. Requires a Table or something to sit on
  6. Emulated Sound is really bad at Times.
  7. Cheap Buttons and Arcade Stick

Pandora’s box 4s game list

This machine has a ton of games on it. I’ve decided to upload a PDF file of each of the games listed.

815 games to be exact here you can find the Pandora’s box 4s game list PDF here (pandora 4s game list)

Pandora’s box 4s alternatives?

If you are a looking for a sure fire way to basically play any arcade game you would want? You are going to have to design your own MAME cabinet or have someone do it for you.

You could also buy yourself an arcade controller, or DIY arcade controller and play more on a desktop or laptop. As most Desktops and Laptops hook straight up to modern TVs now with HDMI.

A lot of people even go with making cheap Raspberry Pi builds. You can then use any gamepad and joystick that just about any PC could and would want to use.

Should you buy the Pandora’s Box 4S Arcade MAME Machine

If you are looking for something simple and plays most of the more popular titles. Then yes you should.

While you might not be able to add other ROMs to it, it pretty much has everything you would want to play.

Great for a night of arcade gaming without having the knowledge or the amount of time spent making your own cabinet.

This is cheap compared to making your own setup, and it comes with everything you would need.

You can watch this thing in action on a live stream I did forever ago. Below is me testing out the Pandora 4S playing a Jackie Chan game.

Where else could I have discovered I could be a mysterious lion?

Pandora’s box 4s Troubleshooting

I have found a few issues with mine. I’ve found that you have to hold the Player 1 coin button down to actually insert another coin. Player 2, however, seems to work just fine for whatever reason.

It doesn’t really matter if you drop in a bunch of coins before selecting a game, you have to hold down the button and click continue every time instead of going back to the menu. This is quite annoying. Sometimes it works without it, really you could play on the Player 2 controls and everything would probably work fine. I really don’t think this is by design and is a flaw with their operating system.

Other than that I’ve not really had any other issues with my Pandora’s box. It pretty much works right out of the box and you can always go into settings and change whatever you would like, and even go back to default settings.

Can the Pandora’s box 4s add games?

As far as I know you cannot add anymore games to this. Honestly some of the games kind of struggle anyways and I’m really not sure what all this device could even support. Honestly if you are wanting something to easily add game too, you should just build your own cabinet. The Pandora’s box is meant for people who want an all in one solution to play some arcade games.

The Joystick and Buttons

Video Outputs on Pandora 4S

The joystick are OK, they don’t feel 100% like authentic arcade sticks. This was the only reason I really gave it a CON. If you are an arcade enthusiast anyways you aren’t going to buy something like this anyways. The joysticks and buttons are good enough to enjoy lots of games. I’ve gave it a whirl along side my son plenty room and plays fine. The joystick hasn’t messed up or sent me in the wrong direction. If you are playing PAC-man or something the directions can’t be blocked off simply because it wouldn’t make other games unplayable.

I haven’t took the Pandora’s box apart so I’m uncertain if you can actually replace it, I’m assuming you could if you do know what you are doing.


If you are still on the fence about the Pandora’s 4S box then let me just say this. It is a great product that can be easily hooked up on the fly. Say if you have some friends over and you want to play some old school arcade games. Get this out of the closet run the long power cord and long HDMI cable across the floor to your couch. It really is that simple and it really is THAT easy to put away.

For whatever reason you are looking for the perfect arcade experience then I wouldn’t buy this. There are more authentic products out there that make it feel more like an arcade. Pandora’s strong point is that is simple and easy to setup and put away. This also makes it very cool to pick up and travel with as well.

Wondering where you can purchase this?

There are several version of this thing. You could possibly get the latest version might fix some of the sound issues.

You can get the Pandora 4S right off of Amazon here is an affiliate link (Amazon Link to Pandora) that you can use to buy the exact one I have.

If you enjoyed this review or want to ask me some questions about it, leave me a comment down below.

You can always reach me directly on twitter – @realkynerd

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