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Published August 4, 2019
best retro gaming podcast

The Retro 20 Podcast is a brand new podcast in 2019 covering retro gaming!

Come listen, or even join in on some of the classic games that we all love from the classic systems.

Super Nintendo, NES, Sega Genesis, and More!


  • Who I am
  • What this Podcast is about
  • Where to Follow


I will be using which will be giving you a special channel in discord and more as features come along


The Website will also contain Retro Articles and Guides! Be sure to check them out and buy some equipment with my Amazon Affiliate links!

Where to Follow The Retro 20 Podcast

If you want to reach me Twitter and Discord are the best ways! I’d love for you to join the discord so we can chat about retro games!

The Retro 20
The Retro 20
Introduction To the Retro 20 Podcast

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