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Discover Old School Games Again!

The Retro 20 is a Retro Gaming Podcast and a Retro Gaming Blog.

We will be providing family friendly entertainment. If you are like Me and want your children to grow up with some of the amazing games you did then you should love this podcast and blog.

Maybe a little Dad blogging in there as well..

We will be trying to release some sort of content at least every other week or weekly whenever we find a good schedule.

Why is it called The Retro 20?

The Podcast Episode will always be AT least 20 minutes long. If we need to we will create different parts to cover the full game!

Retro Gaming Podcast

Super Mario RPG Cutout
Monkeyfan’s Favorite Character – SUPER MARIO

The Podcast will be covering from everything from the original Nintendo Entertainment System to at least the PlayStation 1 era.

We will be able to play TONS of original games on Original hardware! But, we will be forced to emulate some of them!For the most part we will stay original as we possibly can.

You can find the direct feed here –

Smango and Monkeyfan might also cover some topics regarding the Nintendo Switch with modern retro titles like Super Mario Maker 2.

The Retro Gaming Blog

Retro Gaming Podcast NES

The Retro 20 blog will be doing reviews, top ten lists, hints/tips. and creating lots of retro content for you to share out to the world. (Please Share!)

There are already several blog posts up you should check out the list top NES games for New Gamers (Children).

Look for tons of topics like the one above here on The Retro 20.

Social Media

If you want to follow Smango on twitter you can do just look for @realkynerd. Look for updates for posts and podcast there to be shared!

We also will be making a YouTube channel whenever we go live playing some of these games thats where you can find us!